Thinner, thinner
What can you do?
The light shines in,
And the darkness pulls you through.
Push, push
Constant resistance.
Challenging every wrong form of existence.
Where evil is evil,
And good is good.
The two will always meet,
Just as they should.
Constant awareness,
Sometimes is no fun.
But just look at the people,
Who really have none.
What is it anymore?
I'm thankful to fulfill the goals,
In which I was made for.
Take care of one another,
Let the fire burn inside you.
All is peaceful and fair,
As long as you let your light guide you.
I feel for every single thing on this Earth,
To avoid that was giving up what I was worth.
Both sides are important,
It is what you do with it that counts.
Just take in,
And give back,
In endless amounts.
Who are you?
Only you know.
Do not stay spellbound,
Let your light show.
Let the new moon revive you,
Another stage to grow.
The more you do that,
The further you go.