Open Your Eyes

We the people,
We can be so blind.
Why can't we treat each other equal?
Why can't we put our insecurities behind?
We dream of this life we want,
Yet never go after.
We sit and complain,
Instead of sharing our laughter.
How do people live this way?
I will never understand.
Maybe it's because they're living,
Under someone else's command.
Open your eyes,
and take some action.
Go your own way,
Instead of giving into the traction.
There are endless possibilities out there,
You just have to find them.
Stop being so scared,
And letting yourself feel condemned.
I suggest you do something,
Stop living in fear.
If you weren't meant for greatness,
Then what would you be doing here?
There's a world out there,
Bigger than you and I.
Better get out there and see it,
Because one day you will die.
I hate to be so blunt,
But some of us need it.
It just takes a push,
For some to see it.
Don't get me wrong,
Things won't just get handed to you.
You have to work,
For the things you want to do.
But make some goals,
To get out there and conquer.
Don't just waste your life,
You have to be stronger.
I cherish those who understand,
For we will always walk hand in hand.
Let's start making a difference,
We have what we need.
But you have to put in the effort,
If you want to succeed.