Pure Growth

The moon is my connection,
The sun is my path.
Constantly growing,
As I pull out of fear's wrath.
But silent.
But humble.
It fills me to know,
That I will never crumble.
The ones who belong,
Are the ones who care.
It doesn't make a difference,
When you never felt anyone there.
I've built my walls so high,
I hardly feel a thing.
Didn't even really notice,
What was happening.
Now I am whole,
I have found my peace.
I finally found it,
Within the trees.
I found it in the stars,
I found it in the waves.
Nothing else gives me,
That feeling of grace.
I found it in music,
I found it in my soul.
To know who I am,
Makes me feel whole.
My past has shaped me,
And allowed me to grow.
I will never forget,
But I will let it go.
I am forever changing,
Like the direction of the wind.
Not changing would feel,
Like my greatest sin.
With clouds in the sky,
And Earth beneath my feet.
I truly will always feel complete.
Nothing can tear me down,
I am a fighter.
As each day goes by,
My heavy weight gets lighter.
My roots will stay,
My soul will carry on.
I am spreading my wings,
And creating my life's song.